bea tartsanyi jewellery designer

Bea is at the forefront of a burgeoning new wave of London's craftswomen. With her innovative background coupled with a strong Hungarian foundation, she worked under the guiding hands of renowned jewelry artists at the well known contemporary jewelry school Alchimia in Florence Italy and at some of the best schools in London to truly master her craft.


Her contemporary designs take inspiration from nature, sustainability and social challenges, where each design has a unique narrative with a more in debt message.

"I see art as a journey. My jewelry focuses on self-exploration and exploration of other challenges aiming to make our world a better place. As much as I enjoy working with beautiful materials like gold and diamonds, more and more I've been immersing myself into working with recycled and more sustainable materials creating beautiful new pieces from something old..."

Bea is a perfectionist, taking her clients on a unique journey when designing their bespoke items. Each tailored piece involves thorough consultation and is individually handcrafted in her London studio.


If you are interested in bespoke jewelry design or one of her existing pieces, please drop us a line via email or via the Contact page.

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